BRETT THOMPSON (Owner/Instructor)

Brett grew up hunting pheasant, rabbit, quail, and squirrel. His first hunting experiences were with an English Setter and he now has two Setters of his own. He has great memories of going to farms and helping rid them of their blackbird and pigeon problem. During his youth, he saved up for a Feinwerkbau FW124 that he still shoots today. Brett’s Dad had a FFL which allowed him to try many different guns and shooting disciplines.

Training Background

Brett’s training background includes:

Currently, he is attending the NSSF Fantasy Shooting Camp with several national champion shooters.


NRA Chief Range Safety Officer

NRA Pistol Instructor
NRA Rifle Instructor

NRA Pistol Training Counselor
NRA Rifle Training Counselor

National Sporting Clays Association
Level 1 Scholastic Coach

Scholastic Clay Target Program
Assistant Coach

USCCA Associate Instructor

Volunteer Experience

Brett is very active in volunteering:

Pay It Forward Now (PIFN) is a 501(c)3 non-profit focused on getting youth outdoors and providing mentoring. PIFN has two shooting sports trailers where over 150,000 people have had the opportunity to shoot, most for the first time. PIFN has received funding and have all equipment needed and are currently offering several shooting experiences. PIFN strives to work with their kids over several years culminating in taking the older boys on a guided hunting trip.

Dad’s Camp is a special summer camp run by PIFN for which Brett is the Shooting Sports Director; he put together a program consisting of Air Rifle, Air Pistol, Archery, rimfire and centerfire Rifle and Shotgun shooting. During Dad’s Camp, a mentor takes a group of kids and teaches them to fish, shoot, canoe, camp and cook. Dad’s Camp also has a faith-based component which the kids lead. The book “Raising a Modern-Day Knight” has served as a template for moving the boys into Manhood. At the end of Dad’s Camp we conduct a “Manhood Ceremony” which is a powerful teaching moment and impactful experience.